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The Kinkiest Hen Night Ever

One of the girls here at charlotte London escorts, got married a few years ago and we arranged for this really super kinky hen night. Instead of just cruising all of the local bars and pubs, we arranged to meet up with male London escorts and asked them that they took us around for he evening. It was great, and I think that it is a really great way to organise a hen night when you want to have some fun with your girls.

Male London escorts are a great crowd, and it was a little bit like being on an outing with a bunch of really hot guys who knew how to have tons of fun. I had never dated a male London escorts before, and it was a real eye opener. If you are a single lady in London or looking to arrange a kinky hen party, I think that it is the ultimate way to arrange a hen party. All of your friends will have a great time, and you can be sure that the bride will have a REALLY great time, if you know what I mean.

Most of the girls who work for charlotte London escorts have been on stag nights and stuff like that, and it was kind of fun to turn the tables around and see things from a different kind of point of view. I am sure that most of the girls who were on our special night out with male London escorts really enjoyed it. At the time, it was not so common for girls to date male London escorts, but things have changed since. There are still not that many guys working as London escorts, but the numbers have certainly gone up since a few years ago. I love male London escorts and I think that they have come along way.

The great thing about male London escorts is that you can date mature or younger male escorts in London. Not all ladies that I have spoken to have been that much into dating young London escorts. Many of them have wanted to date more senior London escorts. I can totally get that. Since that stag night, I have actually met up with a few senior male escorts in London and had a really good time. It is nothing like being treated like a lady and having the door opened for you.

If you find yourself as single lady in London, you may find that you will feel a little bit lonely. If that happens, I think that you should give male London escorts a chance. They can show you how to have fun in London and take care of you at the same time. It is kind of hard to chat up guys when you are in London, and I think that dating male escorts is the perfect alternative to dating ordinary guys. When I have been out with escorts in London, I have always had a really great time, and I am sure that most ladies will say the same thing.

Attending To Some Business, Escort Style

Dale had been in a business seminar all day. This was the first time he’d ever been to London, and somehow, he had imagined that his first trip to one of the most famous cities in the world would be different. The seminar was informative and he’d managed to establish a lot of great contacts. However, as great as seminars could be, they also tended to drag on for a long time even if you were paying attention. After enough time, it was hard to pay even that much attention.

The seminar was over, and it felt like he’d spent a lot of time working by that point in time. Now, he was in the mood for some light refreshments, and he certainly wasn’t referring to the bad catered food at the seminar. He’d heard all about the escorts in London, and the escorts who were willing to give a busy businessman a break every now and then. A decisive man in all matters of business, he was eager to give one of these services a try.

He quickly got in touch with a woman named Evangeline. She spoke in a seductive purr over the phone. He hoped that she’d be as hot as she sounded over the phone. In his experience with talking to women over the phone in all facets of his life, he’d found that this was usually the case. The women with hot voices were hot in person. Indeed, Evangeline was just as gorgeous as she sounded. Her body was all voluptuous curves, her black hair was long, shiny, and luxurious, and her face was all cheekbones, eyelashes, and lips.

Looking at her, he practically forgot everything that had happened at the business seminar, and he wasn’t even sure that he wanted to remember at this point. The two of them went to bed together and Dale felt all this pent-up energy release all the while, pulsing through him as Evangeline brought him the sort of pleasure he could never have experienced in any other way.

This was what he’d always imagined when going to London. He’d certainly always imagined experiences like this when picturing himself as a business success. It felt as if every single part of his body was peaking along with his own life, all of it rising and falling in unison deliciously. Evangeline could bring him there again and again.